7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Your Pre-Wedding Shoot!

Engaged? Check.

The next step on the road to getting married, for most modern Indian couples, is a pre-wedding photo shoot. Tell the world that you are going to be hitched with a beautiful photograph (or an album, if you want to).

Pre-wedding photography has taken the wedding scenario by a storm. In the age of social media, more and more couples are choosing to attach a picture to their ‘status update’. But a photo shoot can be confusing and without a proper plan, this endeavor can end in a disaster. Here are 7 things you must keep in mind before your pre-wedding photo shoot:

1. Budget

Firstly, and most importantly, figure out your budget. On one end of the spectrum you can hire ace photographers and hire exquisite hotels to shoot in. You can even go abroad to exotic locations like Dubai and make your pre-wedding shoot an extravagant affair. On the other hand you can choose to go minimalistic and have DIY photo-shoot with help from a few friends.

Ajit Nair and Karuna Ohri got help from a friend to pull of their heart warming pre-wedding photo shoot.
Sumit and Minushka chose to shoot with Plush Affairs, in the scenic setting of Hideout.


2. Theme

As more and more couples all over India are announcing the joy of their imminent nuptials to the world at large with a photo shoot, a lot more thought is being put into the theme with which they chose to tell their story. If you are a gym freak, then work-out can be incorporated into the shoot. If you are in love with Bollywood, recreate scenes from your favorite movies. Let your imagination run wild!

Akash and Prerana opted for a fun filled theme to tell their story.


3. Location

Location helps add a dash character to your pre-wedding photo shoot. Now you can choose to go to a historical monument or hire a hotel or even go back to the scene of crime (a place of some significant emotional significance to the couple in question).

A picturesque setting immediately elevates the shoot to an enchanting level.
Nishant and Jyotpriya’s photo shoot looked fresh and earthly, set in the lap of nature



4. Outfits

The couple can adorn themselves with bespoke Manish Malhotra attire or wear their family heirlooms. They may even rent out clothes for this occasion.

Minar and Jaya looked stunning in their exquisite attire.


On the other hand they may chose to “chill” and have fun in the sun, wearing summer clothes, floppy hats and flip-flops.

5. Props

Every marriage is a journey, try adding a ride to your photo shoot to bring highlight to joyous voyage that you and your partner are about to embark on.

Neeti and Tarun chose to hop on a bike and announce their wedding date to the world

Similarly, a number of props can be incorporated in the photo shoot to add a little element of fun to it. The high school sweet hearts could play around with books. Balloons are another way to float away to the highest of heavens.

Flowers can create a very romantic mood for the photo-shoot


6. Photographer

With the pre-wedding shoot becoming a norm, many veterans of wedding photography have entered this arena. Choose the right photographer who will do amazing photo-shoots with display great technical skills. The couple may go for a multi-location shoot spread out over a couple of days to capture their story.

Minar and Jaya looked gorgeous in modern Indian attire, shot by Plush Affair


Couples on a budget need not fret either. A friend with a DSLR and a beautiful location is all one needs to create a magical pre-wedding photo shoot.

Ajit and Karuna posted this with a wonderful caption saying, “She promises to never keep me waiting, ever.”


7. Timing

If you are shooting in a public place, choose to shoot either early in the morning or late in the evening to get soft light settings. Furthermore, avoid a time when the place is known to be bustling with people who might enter your frame and destroy the perfect picture. Also make sure you have the required permissions.

A romantic shot is turned into a comical one, as an on-looker comes into the frame.


Images used for reference purpose only.

Image credits: Google, Ramit Batra , NeverVoid Photography and Plush Affairs


Bahrain – a pearl in the Gulf’s crown. The Perfect destination for your dream wedding.

Bahrain, considered as heaven on earth by many is believed to be like a coconut with a tough exterior but softer from inside, it just needs that effort to break that hard exterior and all the efforts are worth it.

Bahrain has now become a prime ‘wedding destination’ according to the 2016/17 action plan launched by the country’s Tourism and Exhibitions Authority in the year 2016. The plan is aimed at strengthening Bahrain’s tourism sector through fields correlated to the wedding sector.

Along with your wedding, you can also make the most of the breathtaking tourist attractions here! One of them is the not so sophisticated yet having a very striking appeal – the capital city of Manama.

Bahrain is famous for its rich cultural and historical background, something which the people of Bahrain might look back with pride.

There are countless places of ancient architectural wealth which stand with great pride in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and this includes the Forts at Riffa, Arad and the Bahrain fort which is a flawless masterpiece of ancient architecture.

Here are a few hotels which can be the perfect host for your dream destination wedding!

1. ART Rotana, Manama, Bahrain

Photography bt: Hikmat Webhe

Elegant and modern, ART Rotana offers an exquisite wedding venue unlike any other to commemorate your most memorable celebration. Rotana’s  Thuraya ballroom welcomes weddings with impeccable style features, private reception area, incredible menu options during your ceremony. The hotel offers 311 Rooms and Suites to accommodate your guests and a beautiful private beach area of 150 meters to bring your dream of an amazing beach wedding to life.

Website: https://www.rotana.com/meetingsandevents/weddings


2. Ramada Hotel and Suites, Amwaj Islands


A well renowned brand with top of the class offering. Be assured to get the best service and ambience for your dream wedding here! Both indoor and outdoor venues are perfect for a memorable wedding reception in Bahrain. Stunning, 5,000 square foot banquet hall venue offers capacity for up to 250 wedding guests. This lavish hotel provides 162 lavish rooms for your guests and an experience not easy to forget.

Website: http://www.ramada-manama-amwaj.com/


3. The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain

ritz carlton

Host your dream wedding in the elegant venues and exquisite outdoor setting that make The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain a special place to celebrate your love. From a dazzling Al-Noor ballroom to an outdoor tent set along the sea, their wedding halls in Bahrain are the epitome of wedded bliss. Whatever you have imagined for your most special day will come true here. The hotel orchestrates luxury weddings in beautiful surroundings. Let your wedding day unfold in a magical setting amongst family and friends, where every flower, every morsel, every moment is crafted with attentive detail.

Website: http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/hotels/middle-east/bahrain/weddings


4. One&Only Seef, Bahrain


Visualize a world where you are surrounded by sun kissed sandy beaches, azure crystalline lagoons, mysterious tropical rain forests, dazzling corals and spectacular starlit skies which will add stars to you wedding. The hotel offers 172 rooms, suites and villas with panoramic garden, lagoon or ocean views to give your guests a once in a lifetime experience. The hotel also has a grand ballroom that provides accommodation for 350-500 pax which can lavishly host your wedding.

Website: https://www.oneandonlyresorts.com/weddings


Image Courtesy: Google (Images used for reference purpose only)

Gearing up for that crazy whacky Bachelor Party? Here’s how you can do it right! ;-)

Marriage is a pathway through which you enter a whole new life with another person. You plan out on all the nitty-gritties to make this auspicious occasion memorable.

But every groom has to have that one boisterous night where he settles all his demons once and for all.

So men we hand out to you the perfect checklist for your bachelor party which contains all the pointers you need to have a check on before-during-after the party.

1. Don’t do it all by yourself


You are the star of your wedding, the prince charming with whom the beautiful bride wants to bring all her dreams to life. But never be the lone-wolf to plan out your bachelor party. Always be accompanied by a best friend, your closest brother or your best man in all your bachelor party weddings because your wildest imaginations might not match with the other guys in the gang. It is advisable to always have suggestions and ideas from others for the gig.


2. Pick a spot away from the vigilance radar


By vigilantes we mean the girl gang who always wants to know all what happens in your wild parties. So pick up a spot where the girls least expect you to be and try to keep the info classified though everyone knows the bro code never lets anything out of the circle. A strip club or the local party spot might not be a good pick as it does not gives you complete privacy for the extreme guys who once high create ruckus all around the place. A private villa or a huge private basement behind your grandpa’s mansion could just be the right pick.


3. Have your alcohol overstocked:


You can never get just the right amount of booze for your bachelor party. The gang always has guys who go down with just three shots of the Corona and also the ‘pind kalandar steel da liver’ guys who would stop at nothing as long as the drinks come pouring in. Get 50% more alcohol than you need as a party that runs out of beer is a disaster.  Again, running out of alcohol is very bad, so it is far better to be left with a ton of unused booze.


4. The Strippers


Probably the most important element of the party! If you are planning a bachelor party out of India, find agencies that are trusted for providing good strippers. Ask the agency to provide security for the strippers if you don’t want to be the one dropping them back to the place. The strippers prefer to be high on your booze without paying for it to remove their guilt and self-loathing that they feel by taking their clothes off. So find strippers who might not be too heavy on your pockets. Even though you try your best to find a good agency it is very difficult to find strippers with golden hearts.


5. Have control over your mind, heart and also your other parts.


Its your bachelor party and you have all the rights to go crazy but deep down inside you need to have that sensible element in yourself that you don’t go towards your marriage with a horrific memory of your bachelor party. The stupidest thing that the groom might do is to fall for a stripper or an escort emotionally or in any manner whatsoever! Because remember, it is all about some healthy fun after all!


6. Make sure you have a person who is there if you lose control


If you are the groom you are expected to be in one-piece at all times. So make sure you are with a reliable person who will be able to handle the situation if you are completely out of your senses. The guy could be your best friend or a brother, someone you can always rely upon.


7. Have a gap between the party day and your wedding


It is never a good thing to reach your wedding in a hangover. You might not feel good being the center of attraction and of course the photographs would be awful. Thus, a day before the wedding is definitely not the time to hold your bachelor party. Have a gap of about 4-5 days or more between wedding functions and the bachelor party.


8. Happy times do not grow on trees so just go all in


Bachelor party is surely the event to have the craziest fun and frolics of your lifetime before you are officially a family man. It is not that you will not have good times post-wedding but surely one wants to be unstoppable at their bachelor party. Your friends would expect and might demand something grand from you so don’t hesitate, just spend if something really amuses the guys as it will definitely make the night memorable.


9. Never discuss with the opposite sex


Since this is the time when you settle all your demons for good the bachelor party can has some experiences that might be amazing for you but would not be acceptable by the girl gang. So instead of being taunted by your wife upon ” what all you did at that fu*#all party” be careful not to discuss about the matter with any one from the opposite sex.

And remember the rule – what happens at the Bachelor party stays at the Bachelor party!! 😉

10. Make it memorable for yourself


Have that one night where all goes upside down. Make some memories that how hard you tried to stand on a beer bottle but later saw your friend getting some glass pieces out of your foot. Have the time of your life, something you’re gonna laugh at  each time you gather around with your buddies. The night is yours go live it because only babies sleep at night.

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The ultimate checklist for the perfect beach honeymoon !

So the much anticipated and awaited honeymoon is finally here. Ofcourse your excitement levels are off the charts. Today we’re presenting a packing checklist for the perfect beach honeymoon!
So here are our top 10 picks for your perfect honeymoon packing!

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Honeymoon: Just a few tips!

We’ve all had romantic daydreams about how fantastic our honeymoon will be someday, a trip that you will remember fondly for decades to come! Well, fret not! We’ve got you covered! Here are a few tips to make your honeymoon special!

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Our pick of exotic locations in India to tie the knot!

Over the last few years destination weddings have been all the rage in India. Choosing a beautiful wedding destination has become a trend nowadays to make your “I DO” moment more special!
Here’s our pick of exotic and royal getaways for the Great Indian Wedding!


So who remembers Kalki Koechin’s wedding from the movie “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani?” Well it was shot at the luxurious Oberoi Udaivillas in Udaipur. Also known as te “City Of Lakes”, Udaipur is one of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan for an extraordinary fairytale wedding. One of the finest settings for a marriage ceremony is offered by Jagmandir Palace, The Taj Lake Palace or the Oberoi Udaivillas enclosing a touch of affluence, royalty and splendour.

jaipur 2jaipur

Jaipur, the “Pink City” offers a medley of heritage and allure and thus it is so popular for big fat weddings. The city offers various venues for a royal wedding like Raj Palace, Samode Palace, Rambagh Palace etc.The city has so far had not only Indian weddings but also Hollywood celebrity weddings. If you want a regal wedding in old forts and palaces, Jaipur is the perfect wedding destination for you!

hyderabadhyderabad 2

Hyderabad is also known as “City of Pearls & Nizams” which consists of mesmerising venues and enchanting locations to get hitched. Places like Taj Falaknuma Palace and Chowmallah Palace are some strikingly beautiful venues to organise a wedding.

jaisalmerjaisalmer 2

If you want a larger than life royal wedding with Indian culture and tradition then head to Jaisalmer. Suryagarh Palace is one of the most stunning properties in Jaisalmer that organises ultimate weddings for couples. You can also choose among the various heritage hotels, places or havelis like Jawahar Niwaas, Narayan Niwaas, the Fort Rajwada, The Mandir Palace or The Himmat Palace.

goa 2goa
If you’re looking for a beach location closer to home, it can’t get any better than Goa. With the pristine sand beaches, blue waters and an easy going vibe, it’s the perfect setting for a relaxed fuss-free wedding. Nothing really trumps the experience of a fairytale marriages executed against the backdrop of beaches. Park Hyatt Goa, Taj Leela and Radisson resorts are amongst the most popular wedding venues in Goa.
kerelakerela 2

For those who desire an offbeat, low key wedding amidst serenity, Kerela is the place for them. Commonly known as “Gods own Country” Kerela offers perfect beaches covered with coconut palm trees, the backwaters and lovely houseboats. Some of the venues offering striking views are Varkala or Kovalam, The tea Gardens of Munnar or the heritage building of Kochi fort.


jodhpur 3
If you want to take the plunge in a regal manner then head to “Blue City”! Jodhpur offers the perfect settings for a dreamy royal wedding. There are several eye-popping havelis and historical palaces for a Big fat wedding. The oh-so-breathtaking Umaid Bhavan, Ajit Bhawan or the majestic Mehrangarh fort are some luxurious venues the city has to offer.
Image Courtesy: Google (Images are used for reference purpose only)

Ideas for a kickass bachelorette party!

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway party, a theme-based house party,  or a lively night on the town, being the bridesmaids you gotta make sure you organise an unforgettable bachelorette party for your bride-to-be BFF!


Since it’s the last fling before the ring, you can have a destination bachelorette bash! Grab your girls and escape for a fun weekend getaway or a mini-vacay. Rent a luxury yacht or a speed-boat and take your friend’s out.  Soaking up the sun and tanning together sounds like a pretty sweet deal. You’ll also have plenty time to bond out on the water.
Or it could be a camping trip. Take your pj’s, makeshift tents, booze and head to a camping destination. You could do bonfires, roast marshmallows and dance your way till dawn! Get some customised tees, caps and sashes made. Quirky tattoos which would wear off the next morning are also a great idea.
It could also be a classic slumber party. An old fashioned night with your girls filled with some chick flicks, junk food and adult only drinking games like never have I ever, truth or dare etc sounds like a good time. You could also do a karaoke night. After a few stiff drinks you can sing your heart out! No Paula and Simon would be judging you!
You could have a nail art station, foot massages and a photo booth.
Signing up your girlfriends for a spa day is another fantastic idea for a spinster party. It doesn’t always have to be a rowdy booze-fest. Massages, mud wraps and manicures sound just about right for some pre wedding pampering!
Grab some funny, kinky, naughty props and make it a night to remember. From the food to the gifts to the props, make it fun!
Make it a night which you can remember fondly ten years down the line and have a hearty laugh. After all, it’s all about creating memories amidst all the wedding madness!
And don’t forget the rule : ” What happens in a bachelorette party, stays in the bachelorette party!” 😉
(Images are used for reference purpose only. Source: Google.)