7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Your Pre-Wedding Shoot!

Engaged? Check.

The next step on the road to getting married, for most modern Indian couples, is a pre-wedding photo shoot. Tell the world that you are going to be hitched with a beautiful photograph (or an album, if you want to).

Pre-wedding photography has taken the wedding scenario by a storm. In the age of social media, more and more couples are choosing to attach a picture to their ‘status update’. But a photo shoot can be confusing and without a proper plan, this endeavor can end in a disaster. Here are 7 things you must keep in mind before your pre-wedding photo shoot:

1. Budget

Firstly, and most importantly, figure out your budget. On one end of the spectrum you can hire ace photographers and hire exquisite hotels to shoot in. You can even go abroad to exotic locations like Dubai and make your pre-wedding shoot an extravagant affair. On the other hand you can choose to go minimalistic and have DIY photo-shoot with help from a few friends.

Ajit Nair and Karuna Ohri got help from a friend to pull of their heart warming pre-wedding photo shoot.
Sumit and Minushka chose to shoot with Plush Affairs, in the scenic setting of Hideout.


2. Theme

As more and more couples all over India are announcing the joy of their imminent nuptials to the world at large with a photo shoot, a lot more thought is being put into the theme with which they chose to tell their story. If you are a gym freak, then work-out can be incorporated into the shoot. If you are in love with Bollywood, recreate scenes from your favorite movies. Let your imagination run wild!

Akash and Prerana opted for a fun filled theme to tell their story.


3. Location

Location helps add a dash character to your pre-wedding photo shoot. Now you can choose to go to a historical monument or hire a hotel or even go back to the scene of crime (a place of some significant emotional significance to the couple in question).

A picturesque setting immediately elevates the shoot to an enchanting level.
Nishant and Jyotpriya’s photo shoot looked fresh and earthly, set in the lap of nature



4. Outfits

The couple can adorn themselves with bespoke Manish Malhotra attire or wear their family heirlooms. They may even rent out clothes for this occasion.

Minar and Jaya looked stunning in their exquisite attire.


On the other hand they may chose to “chill” and have fun in the sun, wearing summer clothes, floppy hats and flip-flops.

5. Props

Every marriage is a journey, try adding a ride to your photo shoot to bring highlight to joyous voyage that you and your partner are about to embark on.

Neeti and Tarun chose to hop on a bike and announce their wedding date to the world

Similarly, a number of props can be incorporated in the photo shoot to add a little element of fun to it. The high school sweet hearts could play around with books. Balloons are another way to float away to the highest of heavens.

Flowers can create a very romantic mood for the photo-shoot


6. Photographer

With the pre-wedding shoot becoming a norm, many veterans of wedding photography have entered this arena. Choose the right photographer who will do amazing photo-shoots with display great technical skills. The couple may go for a multi-location shoot spread out over a couple of days to capture their story.

Minar and Jaya looked gorgeous in modern Indian attire, shot by Plush Affair


Couples on a budget need not fret either. A friend with a DSLR and a beautiful location is all one needs to create a magical pre-wedding photo shoot.

Ajit and Karuna posted this with a wonderful caption saying, “She promises to never keep me waiting, ever.”


7. Timing

If you are shooting in a public place, choose to shoot either early in the morning or late in the evening to get soft light settings. Furthermore, avoid a time when the place is known to be bustling with people who might enter your frame and destroy the perfect picture. Also make sure you have the required permissions.

A romantic shot is turned into a comical one, as an on-looker comes into the frame.


Images used for reference purpose only.

Image credits: Google, Ramit Batra , NeverVoid Photography and Plush Affairs


Quick tips for a safe and healthy Holi!

Holi is one of the  most vibrant and joyous festivals in India. 

Everyone loves the bhaang, the  gujias, the singing and the dancing but the aftermath can be pretty dangerous sometimes, with people suffering from eye allergies, skin rashes and discolouration of hair which can cause some serious damage to the skin, dermatitis, eczema, itching, irritation, itching and various other problems commonly reported post Holi.

Stay healthy and keep it safe this year by keeping these tips in mind before you get down and dirty/ or before stepping out! 

1. Cover yourself:

The easiest way to be safe is wearing full sleeves clothes, be as much as covered as you can be to protect your skin from synthetic colours which often contain ingredients like oxide, mercury sulfide and aluminium bromide which can cause a lot of damage. 

2. Block the sun:

Use a waterproof sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage. Make sure your face is well creamed before and after. Vaseline does wonders too. Apply a huge amount of lotion on your face, legs, arms or any other exposed areas. 

3. Oil works wonders:

Holi colours can damage your hair to a great extent leaving them frizzy, brittle and really dry. Protect them by massaging the scalp with coconut, olive or almond oil and wear a cap before heading out.

Oiling your body also helps in preventing harmful colours from entering the pores. It will avoid the skin from dryness, damage and irritation. 

4. Eye care:

Wear sunglasses as a shield for your eyes. Don’t forget to remove the contact lenses before you start playing to prevent irritation or damage to the eyes. Keep washing your eyes with water at regular intervals.  

5. Keep it mild:

Never use hard soaps or shampoos to get rid of the colour, it ruins your skin even more. Always use a mild soap or a baby shampoo so it’s not very hard on your skin.

6. Go organic:

 Use herbal And organic colours like turmeric henna leaves or marigold flowers which are good choices and do not harm your skin, synthetic colours are an absolute no no. Better be safe than sorry! 
7. Treat the irritation:

Incase you’re experiencing irritation or itching immediately wash off the colours and apply calamine lotion or aloe Vera gel, it has a soothing and a calming effect! If the rash or irritation worsens, see the doctor immediately with no delay.

8. Stay hydrated:

Water is the magic potion in your daily life. Stay hydrated by drinking water before and during the festivities. Staying hydrated won’t let harmful chemicals absorb into your skin.

9. Don’t forget to Moisturize:

Replenish and rejuvenate your skin post the festivities by applying lots of moisturiser or a homemade face mask of gram flour or curd. Go for a face cleansing or facial, it will rejuvenate the skin and you will feel pampered too! 

And ofcourse, have a healthy, happy & colourful Holi! 😍💃

Image courtesy: Google