Bahu Swagat

Rituals are taken forward through generations to celebrate customs and happiness. An Indian wedding is not just about bringing two hearts together but also about the union of the two families. The two families bring with them years of customs and rituals that align the couple with the traditions.

The bride leaves her own house to start her new life with big dreams in her heart. A ritual that denotes such a transition is the bride’s Greh Pravesh, It celebrates the inclusion of the bride into the new family and a new world. The most important part of this world is the new House. The groom escorts the bride into the new house where they look upto a future full of surprises and joy.

The bride and the groom stand tall like a prince and a princess at the main entrance of the house and the groom’s mother performs the ceremony that allows the couple to enter the house. The house decorated like a royal palace. The bride mirroring the look of goddess Lakshmi enters the house as she dips her feet in the alta and steps into the house. With every footstep prosperity and good luck follows her.

6The alley smelled of freshly brewed Turkish Tea and the sky was lit with fireworks when the prince, gazing through the dense fog chanced upon a beautiful and elegant women hence started the story of Danish and Ramsha.

Ramsha, the bride, came home after the wedding, to a welcome worthy for a queen.

In a BMW as her chariot, driven personally by the groom’s brother, she watched breathlessly as the celebrations began.

As the couple entered, an enormous LED screen displayed personalized welcome messages from the groom, Danish’s family. Candles lit up her pathway, as she stepped out of the car.

Dancers performed a special welcome act on hover boards, with pyros in their hands, they made a canopy of sparks for the bride to walk under. With the tunes of Bajirao Mastani, the bride was welcomed.

The house was decorated beautifully with Ramsha’s favorite colors and flowers, nothing less than a royal abode. The family rejoiced and danced as a beaming groom welcomed his Princess to her new home.

The house which was specially constructed for the bride, was inaugurated by her by cutting a ceremonial ribbon. Her hand was imprinted on the wall of their palace like house, the stunning magic moment forever froze in time.


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