First Anniversary – It’s special, make it memorable!

It’s your first anniversary and you definitely are looking for creative yet romantic ways to celebrate it with your significant others.

Here are a few special things you can do on a day that’s so special for you both!

1. Say it with flowers and champagne:


Nothing more says “I love you” like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Flowers never disappoint. Being an old school romantic is the best, also a bottle of champagne along the flowers will create some magic!

2. Gift each other a no-phone date:

no phone.jpg
Plan a date at your favourite restaurant, and promise to keep yourself away from the biggest distraction – your phone! Choose to look into each other’s eyes for change. Give your phone a break on your special day. Trust us it would be the most special gift you could give each other!

3. Recreate your first night!

first annv

Recreate the magic of your first night together. Nothing is more romantic and sentimental than that. Fall in love with each other all over again! That would be the sweetest thing ever.

4. Have a couple’s spa day:

couple spa

Treat yourself to a couple’s spa therapy. This could be a fun and a relaxing way to spend time together, celebrate and unwind. Mud wraps, manicures and massages could be great for some pampering and rejuvenation.

5. Book a night at a hotel/resort:


A night away from your families and friends where just you two are alone could be really good for the both of you. Pamper yourselves with some good service. No interruptions or disturbances can help you talk and connect and surely turn up the sparks.

6. Spend the day together at home:

Celebrations aren’t always about lavish meals or expensive presents. Just cozying up in the bed and relishing some of your favourite food and drinks with your partner is enough sometimes. Order some good food and watch a movie together. Vintage classics like Casablanca, Roman Holiday or It Happened One Night could be perfect for the occasion. Dates aren’t just about candle light dinners after all.

7. Plan a Second Honeymoon:

maui vacation photographer

A second honeymoon is perfect if you are a couple that loves to travel. You can plan a quick getaway to a new exciting destination and make new memories. Treat it as special as you had treated your first honeymoon. A perfect way to celebrate your first anniversary and bring the romance alive!

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