First Night – Make it memorable!

It’s your first night as husband and wife, ofcourse you want it to be special and memorable. Today the pressure seems to be skyrocketing after all it’s your wedding night!

We know you have butterflies in your stomach cause you’re nervous about the big night but don’t fret we’ve got you covered!

Make it unforgettable with these intimate tips!

1. Candles & mood lighting:
 candle lightng
Candles light up any setting and create a soft romantic glow. You could also have some mood lighting in the room. Dim the lights and put your spouse’s favourite tunes. A slow dance could be a good start to the night!

2. Fragrances:

Choose a perfume sensuous enough, also certainly dark and seductive. A good aromatic fragrance is a must. Because special scents help establish really wonderful memories. Smelling good is very important also it’s a huge turn on for men and women both.

3. Aphrodisiacs are essential:

Aphrodisiacs are certain foods that can boost your libido and elevate your mood. One of them is chocolate that contains caffeine and a feel good chemical called Phenylethylamine, both may put you in the mood for sex. Oyesters containing  zinc, honey containing boron or even strawberries could help. They may increase testosterone, the hormone responsible for sexual desire.

4. Avoid Overeating:



Eating a lot before the big night will make you feel tired and sleepy. Also it’s an uncomfortable and restless feeling when you have overeaten and stuffed yourself with food. Try to keep the food simple and light on the stomach, as it will allow you to be more energetic. Eating more fruits and vegetables not only makes you feel full but also boosts your sexual desire. Such foods can include watermelon, chocolate, etc.

5. Flirt with each other:
Ofcourse you’re busy attending your guests at the functions but you need to acknowledge each other. Take time to meet each other’s gaze and steal some kisses. These little things matter and build anticipation as the wedding night approaches.

6. Long romantic baths:

 bath tub

Relax and take the pressure off, you’re finally off the hook! Enjoy an intimate bath together. Fill up your bath tub with rose petals and light fragrant candles in the bathroom. Unwind and talk. After all nothing says sex more than a hot soapy bath/ shower together !

7. Feed each other:

 feed couple

It’s a fantastic way to start the night. Keep a bowl of cherries, strawberries, chocolate truffles or something to nibble on by your bedside. Chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne make a great combo!

8. Dress up a little:

Slip into something sexy, it’s surely a huge turn on for a man to see his bride dressed up in the sexiest nightwear. Buy some bomb lingerie for the special night and knock his socks off!

9. Have a talk before you sleep:

Don’t go off to sleep immediately after the act. Take some time to share your feelings with your partner. You can choose to not talk and do little things like giving gentle kisses, stroking his hair, or whispering something romantic. Be ensured that these will bring you two a lot closer to each other.

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