The ultimate checklist for the perfect beach honeymoon !

So the much anticipated and awaited honeymoon is finally here. Ofcourse your excitement levels are off the charts. Today we’re presenting a packing checklist for the perfect beach honeymoon!
So here are our top 10 picks for your perfect honeymoon packing!

1. Quirky Jewellery :

Buy some funky artificial jewellery from house of chic or outhouse jewellery which will go w all your dresses and gowns. You can’t be flashing your diamonds and precious stones all the time  so make sure you’re equipped w some chic artificial jewellery for the casual dinners/lunches and brunches.

2. Sultry swimwear and bikinis:

Trust us, you’ll definitely need this on your honeymoon! No aunties judging you hard and no family giving you the looks, you can wear whatever you please. Pick some trendy swimwear and prepare to sizzle!

3. Top notch make up :


Be a smart bride and pack only the essentials. Carry what you’ll need and not everything just because you’ve bought it recently. Pack a few shades of lipsticks/ eye shadows/Kohl pencils according to your complexion and skin type.

4. Invest in lingerie :

Comfortable yet classy lingerie. We know you wanna look sexy and all but there’s nothing more sexier than being at ease. At the end of the day lacy satin lingerie will leave you uncomfortable and miserable. Opt for friendly fabrics like cotton etc

5. Some sizzling shades :


Get your hands on some really cool shades! They could be reflectors, aviators or oversized stylish sunglasses. You’ll definitely need them and imagine how cool they’ll look in your selfies with hubby dear!

6. Oversized hats :


If you’re one of those uber cool hipster brides who can pull off hats like a boss then please don’t forget to carry them for your honeymoon. Not only they look good , they’ll also protect you from some serious Sun strokes!

7. Great perfumes:


Because special scents help establish really wonderful memories! Smelling good is very important also it’s a huge turn on for most men! So grab some great perfumes so that you not only look like a goddess but also  smell like one.

8. Beach bags:


Carry some huge totes or the typical beach bags so you’ve got all your stuff w you when you’re on the go which you’ll usually be! Make sure you’re beach bag is packed and on point! Put all the essentials like sunscreen, perfumes, little make up, sanitizer etc

9. Seriously good sunscreen:


Buy a really effective sunscreen spf 50 atleast unless you want to look like a burnt tomato. Since you’re gonna be on the beach and up and about all the time in the sun, you definitely need to apply a generous amount of sunscreen to avoid all sunburns.

10. Happy Feet:


Carry a pair of killer heels for those fancy candle lit dinners but also carry a pair of fabulous flats which you’ll be wearing mostly. You can’t be running around in heels all day long. Also you can’t go on a honeymoon without a pair of espadrilles. Buy the classic channel ones if you can!

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