Honeymoon: Just a few tips!

We’ve all had romantic daydreams about how fantastic our honeymoon will be someday, a trip that you will remember fondly for decades to come! Well, fret not! We’ve got you covered! Here are a few tips to make your honeymoon special!

1.Decide on where you’re going:

Here’s a quick tip you can use even before the honeymoon starts. First things first,pick a location you both will like. Think long and hard before you pick one, make sure you pick one with activities and even stay that is carefully created for the both of you. That way you’ll both enjoy every moment of it.

2. Let everyone around you know!
Be open about the fact that you’re on a honeymoon and you’ll get an entirely different service experience whether it is in your hotel or from your air hostess or stewardess. Everyone tends to be a little extra generous towards the newly weds! It is good to get that extra special treatment during your special time!

3. Take pictures:
honeymoon 2
Whether it’s secret shots of your partner caught in a candid moment or selfies together at a tourist or cultural attractions. Take lots of pictures. The memories will help you relive your honeymoon later. After all a picture is worth a thousand words!

4. Plan a picnic:
We all love fancy dinners and brunches but nothing is more romantic than an old fashioned picnic in a foreign city. Go old school and pack a little picnic basket for your private little picnic. Choose one of the most scenic spots in the area, pick out local food and drinks and have a picnic like the locals would. You can experience a little bit of local culture and spend time together.

5. Massages, manicures and spas:
A little self pampering on your honeymoon is the best way to unwind. Couple massages could be really romantic! You can book a long session so that it takes up the entire evening and then cuddle up together once you’re both relaxed and rejuvenated.

6. Spend a day apart:
 honeymoon 3.jpg
It probably sounds weird considering you’re on your honeymoon but it really works! Everyone could use a little me time. There’s probably something you want to do that your partner doesn’t, so dedicate a few hours to a little me time. Pick some places for you to sightsee and then pick a meeting point. After all, they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder!

7. Try something new, get adventurous:
We all have something in mind that we’ve always wanted to try but never had the courage to before. Whether it’s bungee jumping, scuba diving or snorkelling or even as simple as getting over your fear of roller coasters, both you and your partner should pick one thing to get your adrenaline going. Overcoming your fears can be extremely fulfilling and exhilarating!

8.Just Stay/sleep in doing nothing:
We know honeymoons are all about exploring sights and sounds outside but sleeping in for a day could be a great bonding experience and also can be extremely romantic ofcourse. After you’ve spent the day cuddling, whispering sweet nothings to one another in bed and watched the sunrise and sunset from the same position, you’ll be ready to face the rest of the honeymoon with a renewed vigour!

9.Take it easy:

Here’s a tip you should live by. Always remember it’s your honeymoon and not a boot camp! While planning it make sure your itinerary is easy, relaxing and flexible. Keep things fluid, make travel easy and save the adrenaline rush for an adventure sport!

 Love is a trip, and so is your honeymoon! Enjoy it to the best!

Image Courtesy: Google (Images are used for reference purpose only)

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