Simple gestures to brighten up your spouse’s day!

It’s often easy to forget about each other in the hustle bustle of our lives. We usually are so wrapped up in our own work and responsibilities that we neglect our relationship at times. Letting your spouse know they’re on your mind is essential. It’s the little things that count. Small gestures keep the love alive!

1. Give your spouse a compliment
Everyone likes a word of appreciation every now and then. It’s always easy to point out someone’s flaws and shortcomings. Instead, be positive and take a moment to acknowledge what you admire about them, such as their appearance, charm or something that they did for you. It will be good for their self esteem and will make them feel desired and confident.
2. Write little love notes
Going oldschool and writing love notes and letters can be oh-so-romantic! Leave a note by their bedside or pillow or on the mirror or in their briefcase. Make it heartfelt and expressive. Make sure they feel loved. It could be a great start to a long day!
3. Plan a surprise date night
Plan a surprise date  for your significant other doing some of their favourite things. It could be a movie night where you can snuggle on the couch or dinner at their favourite restaurant or even an intimate candle light dinner with a home cooked meal.
4. You don’t always have to be right (even if you are)!
Do not underestimate the power of apologies.You have to choose your battles and you don’t always have to win. Let them feel like they’re  calling the shots sometimes. If you always try to be in control and push to get your way then it most definitely will lead to a lot of clashes. Say a sorry in a sweet way, may be a little note, or a surprise gift!
5. Flowers/Chocolates say it the best, and a surprise works better!
When you are having a bad day at work, what can be better than receiving a surprise at your office? Flowers speak the language of love. A unexpected gesture of love can make anyone’s day, and what can be better than sending across some pretty flowers or chocolates to your loved one when they least expect it! You don’t need a special occasion to give these cute reminders of how much your spouse is loved. Just go ahead and make their day!
6. Say “I love you” every chance you get
Small things like asking “How was your day?” Helping them in daily chores or making them breakfast in bed shows you really do care. Send them random texts saying ‘I love you’ or ‘I’m thinking of you”, it’ll really brighten up their day.
The little pleasures of life is what makes life worthwhile. And these small gestures and reminders make your spouse feel special, make them feel valued is the secret to a long lasting happy marriage! Keep it fresh, keep it simple and keep the sparks alive!
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