Ideas for a kickass bachelorette party!

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway party, a theme-based house party,  or a lively night on the town, being the bridesmaids you gotta make sure you organise an unforgettable bachelorette party for your bride-to-be BFF!


Since it’s the last fling before the ring, you can have a destination bachelorette bash! Grab your girls and escape for a fun weekend getaway or a mini-vacay. Rent a luxury yacht or a speed-boat and take your friend’s out.  Soaking up the sun and tanning together sounds like a pretty sweet deal. You’ll also have plenty time to bond out on the water.
Or it could be a camping trip. Take your pj’s, makeshift tents, booze and head to a camping destination. You could do bonfires, roast marshmallows and dance your way till dawn! Get some customised tees, caps and sashes made. Quirky tattoos which would wear off the next morning are also a great idea.
It could also be a classic slumber party. An old fashioned night with your girls filled with some chick flicks, junk food and adult only drinking games like never have I ever, truth or dare etc sounds like a good time. You could also do a karaoke night. After a few stiff drinks you can sing your heart out! No Paula and Simon would be judging you!
You could have a nail art station, foot massages and a photo booth.
Signing up your girlfriends for a spa day is another fantastic idea for a spinster party. It doesn’t always have to be a rowdy booze-fest. Massages, mud wraps and manicures sound just about right for some pre wedding pampering!
Grab some funny, kinky, naughty props and make it a night to remember. From the food to the gifts to the props, make it fun!
Make it a night which you can remember fondly ten years down the line and have a hearty laugh. After all, it’s all about creating memories amidst all the wedding madness!
And don’t forget the rule : ” What happens in a bachelorette party, stays in the bachelorette party!” 😉
(Images are used for reference purpose only. Source: Google.)

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