Cheat code to a perfect wedding Lehenga!

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It’s every girls dream to look like a goddess on her wedding day! Starry eyed, she’s on a threshold of a new life. So it’s advisable to choose an outfit after much thought and consideration.

Body types and skin tones should be kept in mind while selecting the perfect outfit.

The Hourglass Figure:


Brides with an hourglass figure should wear something flowy with a short choli that would accentuate their perfect body. Choose a lehengas with more volume of pleats with vertical prints, or delicate prints, to even out the shape of  of the hips and thighs.

The Slim/Skinny frame:


If you’re one of those brides who could eat anything and everything and still not put on weight then you’re probably the luckiest person on the face of earth! Go for a bridal lehenga that has a lot of volume as it’ll hide your skinny frame and make you look beautiful. You can go for heavy chunky jewellery.

The Plus Size Beauty:


Brides who are on the heavier side or have a plus size figure can opt for lehengas that come with jackets to hide the curves. It’ll look stylish and will cover those love handles. Also, try going for wide necklines that will shift the focus to your face and neck. Avoid chunky big jewellery.

The Dusky Charmer:


If you’re one of those gorgeous dusky beauties then you should opt for dark colours that would amazingly compliment your skin tone & bring out your innate charm. Red, wine, maroon or brown colour would look fab on you. Avoid whites and blacks.

The Snow White bride:


If you’re a fair beauty then bright colours like red and hot pink would go really well with your complexion. You can carry off all colours well, but preferably experiment brighter shades that will enhance your look.

The Tall Bride:


Tall women always have an edge over the others. They manage to look god almost in everything they wear. We suggest you go easy on the heels, and wear stylish jootis/sandals for a little elevation. It will help you look elegant and won’t accentuate your height even further. Avoid vertical prints.

The Petite Bride: 


If you’re the petite dainty bride, try a high waisted lehengas with vertical prints which will give the illusion of longer legs. Go for a long floor grazing lehengas with a short choli. Heels can be your best friend too! Also, avoid layered jackets and high necks.

So get shopping brides & knock your husband-to-be’s socks off!

Images’ Source: Google. Images are used for reference purpose only.

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